Sasha Ishmael

Postdoctoral Research Scholar

Email: saishmael@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-5063

Location: 3078A EB I

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Ishmael's interests include characterization of superconducting materials, engineering materials for application to superconducting magnets, modeling and integration of superconducting devices into generation, transmission and distribution systems for application to electrical power grid.

Dr. Ishmael received her Ph.D in 2010 in electrical engineering from Florida Institute of Technology. Her thesis focused on a design of a superconducting synchronous condenser based on magnesium di-boride (MgB2) for reactive power support of the electric grid. She also developed and patented a novel DC excitation method, a flux pump transformer, which uses full wave rectification using magnetic switching. During her Ph.D she was a visiting scholar at the laboratory, Nancy Electronic and Electro-technical Research Group (GREEN) at Henri Poincaré, Nancy-Université, France. Here she carried out work on magnetic switching of MgB2. She also accepted an invitation to characterize MgB2 at Columbus Superconductor SpA in Italy. Dr. Ishmael worked as an Engineer for seven years at the Advanced Magnet Lab. Inc. During her time at the company she designed and tested a variety of resistive and superconducting magnets for energy, medical and research applications. In 2011 she accepted a postdoctoral position at North Carolina State University, where she works with the research group of Professor Justin Schwartz, Department Head of Materials Science and Engineering. The group’s primary research interests are in the underlying science that drives performance of advanced materials used in the development of High Temperature Superconductor (HTS) wire for superconducting magnet applications. Her current work is focused on the characterization of MgB2 for Fault Current Limiters, Quench detection based on fiber-optics and nano-inorganic electrical insulation with high thermal conductivity for HTS magnet applications.


North Carolina State University