Mark Johnson


Research Professor

Email: mark_johnson@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-513-2480

Location: 229E MRC

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Johnson's interests include Crystal growth and device fabrication of compound semiconductor materials with electronic and photonic application.

Dr. Johnson is a member of the Photonics Lab and has primary responsibility and research interests relating to the epitaxial growth and fabrication of compound semiconductor materials and devices. Dr. Johnson's has extensive experience in the MBE growth of semiconductor materials including traditional III-V semiconductors (GaAs based HEMT, HBT and Diode Structures); II-VI semiconductors (ZnSe optoelectronic structures) and III-Nitride semiconductors (GaN based optoelectronic and electronic materials and structures). Of particular note for this effort is his pioneering use of valved effusion sources for sulfur and selenium based II-VI materials. Prior to pursuing an academic career, Prof. Johnson was the first Product Manager for MBE Systems at EPI, now the world's premier manufacturer of MBE systems. (Veeco/Applied-EPI) Additionally, Prof. Johnson has experience with the MOCVD growth of III-Nitrides.



North Carolina State University