Nadia El-Masry



Email: n_elmasry@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-2970

Location: 3014 EB I

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El-Masry's interests include Growth and characterization of III-V thin film semiconductor materials and bulk metallic alloys; structural characterization by x-ray and transmission electron microscopy; growth and characterization of magnetic materials.

Nadia El-Masry joined the NCSU faculty in 1981 as a research associate. El-Masry has published in the area of superlattices, pseudomorphic heterostructures, ordering and crystal structure of ternary and quaternary III-V alloys, atomic layer epitaxy (ALE), laser writing of single crystal III-V materials and Laser ablation of oxides and ferromagnetic materials on semiconductor substrates. Also, she has experience in thin film growth by organometallic chemical vapor deposition (OMCVD), laser chemical vapor deposition (LCVD) techniques, and the characterization of these films by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM), X-ray diffraction techniques, and magnetotransport measurements.



North Carolina State University