Albena Ivanisevic


University Faculty Scholar

Email: ivanisevic@ncsu.edu

Phone: 919-515-4683

Location: 3030F EB I

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Ivanisevic's interests include using surface techniques to immobilize bio-molecules on inorganic and tissue surfaces. The research utilizes a broad perspective on problems in chemistry, materials and biomedical engineering and is aimed to address the need to understand how to manipulate and tailor the properties of surfaces for the fabrication of better sensor and tissue platforms.

Albena Ivanisevic joined the faculty at NCSU Department of Materials Science and Engineering in July 2011. Prior to joining NCSU, she was on the faculty of Purdue University. Prof. Ivanisevic's group is working on: fabrication and characterization of semiconductor surfaces composed of biomolecular structures; parallel manufacturing of nanoscale structures with semiconducting, magnetic and metallic properties; high-resolution and -throughput surface characterization; and lithographic tools for tissue engineering applications. All projects in the group involve the fabrication of new platforms for placement and evaluation of materials, and permit one to do basic research that enables the tuning of materials properties. Many aspects of the projects are also interfaced with finding solutions for biomedical problems.

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