Jon-Paul Maria


Maria’s research focuses on the processing science issues associated with synthesizing integrated systems for intelligent microwave communication, telemetry, and radar systems. Specifically, his team designs and fabricate microwave circuit components using novel materials, processing conditions, and integration approaches. A specific focus of this work is to replace the expensive or difficult-to-manufacture materials with inexpensive alternatives that do not compromise performance. This requires that they fundamentally understand the materials science of processing as in many cases they are dealing with system components that have narrow windows of stability.

Dr. Maria’s research interests include Thin film deposition via vapor and chemical routes, X-ray diffraction, novel materials development and novel integration for electroceramic applications, ferroelectric crystals, dielectric property characterization.


Ph.D. 1998

Ceramic Science

The Pennsylvania State University

M.S. 1996

Materials Science and Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University

B.S. 1994

Ceramic Science and Engineering

The Pennsylvania State University


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