Professor Dickey Honored with Early Career Achievement Award

May 24th, 2013

On Thursday, May 16th, Northwestern University's Department of Materials Science honored NCSU's Professor Elizabeth Dickey with the Early Career Achievement Award for Alumni of Materials Science and Engineering. Professor Dickey received her Ph.D. from Northwestern in Materials Science and Engineering in 1997.

Before she joined the NCSU faculty in 2011, Dr. Dickey served as a professor of materials science and engineering as well as the associate director of Penn State's Materials Research Institute. Today, she honors the Materials Science & Engineering department at NCSU as a professor, the department's Director of Graduate Programs, and as an associate director of the Analytical Instrumentation Facility on Centennial Campus. Among Professor Dickey's research interests are statics and dynamics of pointdefects, functional oxides, grain boundaries, ceramic composites, and electron microscopy.

North Carolina State University