Honors and Awards

  1. NAE Search Committee: Vice Chair (2022-23); Chair (2023-24); Past Chair (2024-25)
  2. Notable People in ORNL history: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Ridge_National_Laboratory
  3. Member of Condensed Matter and Materials Research Committee of National Academies (NAS, NAE, and NAM)
  4. NAI Fellows Selection Committee (2015-2017)
  5. Life Member of National Academy of Engineering
  6. Life Member and Fellow of National Academy of Inventors
  7. Life Member and Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, India (Limited to 100 Foreign Members)
  8. 2019 R&D-100 Award for Novel Nanodiamonds for Nanosensing and Quantum Computing (Recognized Worldwide as Oscars of Innovation)
  9. 2018 R&D-100 Award for New Materials Harder than Diamond and Superior High-Temp Superconductor
  10. 2017 R&D-100 Award for Discoveries of Q-carbon and Diamond Related Products
  11. 2021 John Goodenough Materials Innovation Lecture (2019 Nobel Laureate): Discovery of Q-Carbon and Record BCS High-temperature Superconductivity in B-doped Q-carbon:  www.tmi.utexas.edu
  12. 2014 North Carolina Science Award (Highest Civilian Honor of the State of North Carolina) bestowed by the Governor of North Carolina, first Materials Scientist and the sole winner at the Golden Jubilee Celebrations of North Carolina Awards. Past winners included seven Nobel Laureates in Science, and others: Maya Angelou, Charlie Rose Andy Griffith, Charles Kuaralt, John Hope Franklin in literature, Fine Arts and Public Service. https://news.ncsu.edu/2014/10/nc-award-narayan/
  13. 2014 TMS Robert Franklin Mehl Gold Medal, Pinnacle Honor from The Materials Society (most prestigious honor from World’s oldest -143 years old- professional society) for Pioneering Contributions in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology leading to useful commercial products.
  14. 2015 Professor SC Jain Memorial Lecture and Prize, 2015 IWPSD, December 7-10, 2015, IISc Bangalore, India.
  15. 2016 ECE Emerging Materials Research Prize
  16. 2015 Emerging Materials Research Prize (Best Paper in the Journal): Multifunctional Heterostructures Integrated on Si(100), Emerging Materials Research 4, 50-70 (2015).
  17. 2014 O. Max Gardner Award (Highest Faculty Honor of the UNC System)

  1. 2014 TMS RF Mehl Gold Medal Award (2014)
  2. 2014 The Institute of Metals Lecture Award (TMS)
  3. 2014 The Mehl Medal from the TMS Brazil at the Pan American Conference (July 20-25, 2014)
  4. 2014 The International Symposium on Frontiers in Nanostructured Materials and Their Applications at TMS Annual Meeting, February 16-20, 2014, San Diego California
  5. 2012 The Holladay Medal (Highest NCSU Honor for Excellence in Research, Teaching and Professional Contributions)
  6. 2011 Winner of Acta Materialia Gold Medal and Prize (Highest Honor from the Federation of 33 professional societies and Acta Materialia Board of Governors)
  7. 2011 MRS Forum (Honoring Professor Narayan) on Frontiers of Thin Film Epitaxy and Nanostructured Materials, April 25-29, 2011, San Francisco.
  8. 2011 MS&T International Gold Medal Symposium (Honoring Professor Narayan) on Advances in Nanostructured materials and applications, October 16-20, 2011, Columbus, Ohio
  9. 2011 Lee Hsun Lecture Award from the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  10. 2011 RJ Reynolds Prize (Highest College of Engineering Award for Research, Teaching, and Extension)
  11. Feted as “Michael Jordan of microelectronics” in the Chronicle of Higher Education (2010). https://www.chronicle.com/article/Electronics-Pioneer-Sheds/65783
  12. 2008 MRS Inaugural Fellow
  13. 2005 TMS Symposium on NEW FRONTIERS IN THIN FILM GROWTH AND NANOMATERIALS held in honor of Professor Narayan at the 134th TMS Annual Meeting in San Francisco; Journal of Electronic Materials (May 2006 Issue) Published honoring Professor Narayan
  14. 2004 Edward DeMille Campbell Lecture and Campbell Prize. Title of the Lecture, “New Frontiers in Thin Film Epitaxy and Nanostructured Materials,” to deliver at the Annual Meeting of ASM-International, October 11-15, 2004, Columbus, Ohio.
  15. 2003 Electronic Products Magazine’s “Product of the Year” Award.
  16. 1999 ASM International Gold Medal (Highest Honor of the largest materials science and engineering society).
  17. Life member and Fellow of The Materials Society (Highest TMS Honor, Limited to 100 members in the world).
  18. Life Member and Fellow of the American Physical Society (Elected 1982).
  19. Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (Elected 1983).
  20. Fellow of the American Society for Metals (ASM – International, Elected 1989).
  21. Honorary Member and Fellow of Materials Research Society-India (Elected 2000).
  22. Fellow Bohmische Physical Society (1986)
  23. Award for Outstanding Sustained Research (1981) from the Division of Materials Sciences, US Department of Energy.
  24. 1981 IR-100 Award for High-Performance Metal-Ceramic Nanocomposites
  25. 1982 IR-100 Award for Supersaturated Semiconductor Alloys for Advanced Device Applications
  26. 1979) IR-100 Award for Low-cost, Laser-diffused Solar Cells, and p-n Junctions
  27. ASM-International Best Paper Award (2001); Electron Microscopy Society of America (EMSA) Best Paper Award (1994)
  28. One of the Most Cited Scientists in the World for Journal Publications (1980-97) ISI (Web of Science) Index.
  29. Distinguished University Professor (Appointed by the University Board of Trustees) and NCSU Distinguished Scholarly Achievement Award (1991).
  30. 1992 NSF Distinguished Service Award
  31. Discovery of Domain Epitaxy (US Patents: 5406123, 6,518,077, 6,423,983, 10/608,780 ), covered by MRS Bulletin P.14, November 1994; J. of Metals P.8, January 1995; American Ceramic Soc. Bulletin 73, 21(1994); Chosen 2004 MRS San Francisco Meeting Highlight.
  32. American Society for Metals, Best in Class (l970).
  33. 1997 IIT/K Distinguished Alumnus Award (First Materials Scientist and only seventh person inducted by India’s famed institution).
  34. President’s (India) Medal for standing first at IIT, Kanpur in 1969.
  35. Laser Annealing Research covered by Physics Today (July 1981) p. 17; and Science 201, 333 (1978) ; Leading Articles on Laser Annealing and Front Covers in Science (4 May 1979) and J. Metals (June, l980).
  36. Featured Article (Science252, 416 (1991)) and Research News on Laser Processing of Diamond Films (Science252, 375(1991)); and US Patent (5,221,411; June22, 1993); NSF News Release (PR91-33) April 18, 1991.
  37. American Institute of Physics (AIP) Oral History Interviews | Jagdish Narayan https://www.aip.org › niels-bohr-library › oral-histories https://www.aip.org/history-programs/niels-bohr-library/oral-histories/47106