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Introducing: The Incredible Atomic Force Microscope
NCSU MSE is the proud new home to the MFP-3D Origin+ Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) by Asylum Research. This state-of-the-art AFM conducts research on nanoscale electro-(chemo-)mechanical phenomena in a variety of environments.
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New Faculty: Dr. Nina Balke
We are excited to announce Dr. Nina Balke will join NC State Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering as an Associate Professor this fall. Dr. Balke is an internationally-recognized expert in the characterization of materials with scanning probe microscopy, and will be the key expert for our new AFM.
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2021 MSE Graduates

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Our People
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Prof. Wenpei Gao Albert Crewe Award»
Publication Highlight: Madison Horgan»
2021 Women and Minority Summer Research Program»
Prof. Veronica Augustyn George H. Blessis Advising Award»
Prof. Franky So Elected to 2021 MRS Fellow»

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