MSE Celebration of Seniors on Zoom

The MSE Department held a virtual celebration of senior to note the achievements of our outstanding and inspiring class of 2020 Materials Science and Engineering students. This celebration ceremony was a culmination of the hard work and determination by our 2020 Bachelor’s Degree recipients in Materials Science and Engineering. During this celebration; Erica Debnam, selected by her classmates to be this year’s student speaker, gave an inspiring and heartwarming speech, Prof. Balik announced the winners of the Senior Design final report award, which are  Leah Sowers, Carmen Procida, Kevin Matthews, Ethan Gram for their work on ” Method for identifying the Si- or C-face on 0-4º SiC Wafers”, and Several students were recognized with University and MSE awards:


University Valedictorians: Branden Hawkins Jr, Carson Key, Grace Matthews ,Kevin Matthews,Emily Roe,Leah Sowers,Olivia Wander
University Scholars Program: Abhishek Kher, Emily Roe, Leah Sowers
Academic Achievement which is awarded to students who demonstrated the highest possible level of academic excellence by achieving a perfect 4.0 in MSE classwork: Branden Hawkins Jr, Carson Key ,Kevin Matthews, Emily Roe ,Leah Sowers , Olivia Wander
2020 MSE Outstanding Student Leadership awardee, Carmen Procida, who demonstrated exceptional leadership through the involvement in student organization, MSE department and NC State University, who demonstrated a commitment to leadership, and has exceeded the expectations as a departmental citizen.
2020 MSE Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher awardee, Carson Key, who demonstrated exceptional research achievements and a promise for a future research career.
Many congratulations to our students and we wish you the very best!