NSF Awards NC State with RET Site: Atomic Scale Design and Engineering

NC State University has been working together with the National Science Foundation (NSF) to facilitate teaching concepts to students within the field of nanotechnology. The Research Experience for Teachers (RET) site program will aim toward providing knowledge, tools, and other resources to teachers so that they may better inform their own students.

From the National Science Foundation award page for the program, “Nanotechnology is impacting sectors as diverse as medicine, textiles, electronics, and energy. However, concepts in nanotechnology are often complex and teachers are not readily exposed to tools and techniques because of their expense or availability. This RET program will immerse teachers in state-of-the-art university research laboratories to learn nanotechnology concepts and contribute to a research project. The program will help them to develop unique curricula that will be shared with hundreds of students in their classrooms, schools, and districts.”

This project was a result of the collaborative efforts of MSE’s own Professor Jacob Jones and NC State’s Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network (RTNN) Program manager, Maude Cuchiara.

For those interested, more information on the RET program, as well as application and proposal information, is available on the RTNN site page for the program.


View the entire program award abstract page on the NSF website.