MSE Hosts a Second Year of REU Activities

Ten students from various institutions across the country successfully participated in the REU program sponsored by the National Science Foundation. Faculty from the Material Science department provided research opportunities for each student and all of them used the state of the art equipment on campus. Students also toured a company located on Centennial Campus and had productive discussions about career paths. The program concluded with a campus wide symposium where each student show-cased specific research accomplishments. The symposium featured programs from across the campus and other NC institutions.


Summer of 2013 Participants

  • Neal Lewis (Penn State)
    Faculty Member: Prof. Mark Losego
  • Tomas Podbesek (NC State University)
    Faculty Member: Prof. Beth Dickey
  • Trisha Dupnock (Clarkson)
    Faculty Member: Prof. Yara Yingling
  • Anna Litovskaya (New York City College of Technology)
    Faculty Member: Prof. Xiaoning Jiang
  • Mai (Kimmai) Tran (University of Florida)
    Faculty Mentor: Prof. Doug Irving
  • Eleanor (Ellie) Meisinger (Hastings College)
    Faculty Mentor: Prof. Justin Schwartz
  • Michelle Greenough (Wagner College)

    Faculty Mentor: Prof. Albena Ivanisevic
  • Katherine Osterman (Creighton University)
    Faculty Mentor: Prof. Ramon Collazo
  • Ashley Richmond (University of Florida)

    Faculty Mentors: Prof. Jay Narayan/Prof. Lew Reynolds
  • Matthew Lehman (Youngstown State University)
    Faculty Mentor: Prof. Jon-Paul Maria