Professor Cao Receives ARO YIP Award

Dr. Linyou Cao is the recipient of The Young Investigator from the Army Research Office. The award of $150,000 over three years will be used to support Dr. Cao’s research work on the electron-phonon coupling in two-dimensional materials. Electron-phonon coupling is one of the most fundamental many body interactions in condensed matter, and plays an important role in electronic and optical properties. The results from Dr. Cao’s research has the potential to lead to next generation lasers, light emission diodes, and photo detectors that are important for defense needs.

The ARO’s Young Investigator Program (YIP) seeks to identify and support academic scientists who have received Ph.D. or equivalent degrees within the last five years and who show exceptional promise for doing creative research. The objectives of this program are to attract outstanding faculty members of Institutions of Higher Education to the Department of the Army’s research program, to support their research, and to encourage their teaching and research careers.