MSE Professors Honored with ASM Awards

ASM International “serves materials professionals, nontechnical personnel, and managers worldwide by providing high-quality materials information, education and training, networking opportunities, and professional development resources in cost-effective and user-friendly formats. ASM is where materials users, producers, and manufacturers converge to do business.” Each year, ASM International recognizes the achievements of those associated with materials science through the ASM Awards. This year, Dr. Hans Conrad and Dr. Carl Koch will be honored with awards on October 9th at the ASM Awards Dinner.

For his “contributions to the fields of processing of amorphous and nanostructured materials”, Dr. Carl Koch will receive the Albert Sauveur Achievement Award. This award, established in 1934, recognizes pioneering materials science and engineering achievements that helped stimulate ideas and research from which further significant knowledge and advances can be gained. Dr. Koch, a Kobe Steel Disinguished Professor, joined the NCSU faculty in 1983.

The ASM Gold Medal is one of the most prestigious that ASM confers. Dr. Hans Conrad, NCSU MSE Professor Emeritus, will be awarded the Gold Medal “for numerous and recognized outstanding contributions in teaching, research, and administration in materials science and engineering, pionieering the concepts of thermally-activated plastic flow and the influence of en electric field in materials science and engineering”. The ASM Gold Medal, established in 1943, aims to recognize those who have shown an incredible understanding, versatility, and exceptional ability in diagnosis and and solution within the field of materials science. Dr. Conrad joined NCSU as faculty and Department Head in 1981.