MSE Student Ambassador Represents Department at Governor’s Reception

Governor Bev Perdue and Secretary of Commerce J. Keith Crisco have invited
students from all over NC State for a reception at the Executive Mansion on
Tuesday, September 20th, from 3 to 4 PM. This event is a part of the Governor’s interaction with Chinese and Indian graduate students who have excelled in their respective fields of work. The purpose of the reception is for the Governor and Secretary to discuss with the students why they chose to study in North Carolina
and what would entice them to stay in North Carolina after graduation. Governor Bev Perdue and Secretary of Commerce Keith Crisco spoke to the students about encouraging trade and commerce between North Carolina and their home countries. The Governor has identified China and India as the two most critical countries – not only to our educational system, but our industry and the future of
our state.

Syamal Tallury, Materials Science & Engineering, NC State University, was nominated by the office of international services (OIS) at NC State University of represent the university and the departments of MSE and TECS. Syamal Tallury is a doctoral candidate in Fiber & Polymer Science and
Materials Science & Engineering and is co advised by Prof. Richard J. Spontak and Dr. Melissa A. Pasquinelli. Several other UNC system schools have nominated and sent Indian graduate students to this event. There were close to 100 students from several North Carolina universities at the Governor’s reception.