MSE’s Krystian Kozek Has Won a Goldwater Scholarship!


Krystian Kozek, a junior Materials Science Engineering and Chemistry major from Apex, is the latest recipient of a Goldwater Scholarship. Krystian\’s is the 36th Goldwater Scholarship awarded to NC State students over the life of the competition and he is the only NCSU recipient this year. Goldwater Scholars are recognized with a bell tower lighting in their honor.

Significant undergraduate research experience is often the key to success in the Goldwater Scholarship competition. Krystian has been a recipient of an Undergraduate Research Award from the NC State Office of Undergraduate Research. He will be representing NC State at the 6th Annual Atlantic Coast Conference \”Meeting of the Minds,\” an undergraduate research symposium featuring students from the 12 ACC institutions. He has worked since the Summer of 2009 in the laboratory of Joseph B. Tracy, Assistant Professor of Materials Science and Engineering, an experience that has led to research presentations and publications in preparation (on one of which Krystian is a first author). Krystian also participated in a summer REU program at Duke University.

Krystian is also a recent winner of the College of Engineering Faculty Senior Scholarship. Each engineering department nominates one student to compete for this award annually. This year, Krystian was selected from a talented pool of 11 candidates, representing all of the engineering departments at NCSU.