MSE 201: Structure and Properties of Engineering Materials
F2015, S2017, F2017, S2018, S2019, S2020, F2020
Introduction to the fundamental physical principles governing the structure and constitution of metallic and
nonmetallic materials and the relationships among these principles and the mechanical, physical, and chemical
properties of engineering materials.

MSE 791: Materials for Electrochemical Technologies
F2016, F2019, F2021
Fundamental thermodynamics and kinetics of materials for electrochemical energy storage and conversion technologies, along with recent developments in their science and engineering.

MSE 360: Kinetic Processes in Materials
Types, mechanisms, and kinetics of solid state phase transformations are covered with selected applications to all classes of materials. Mechanisms of diffusion and techniques for diffusion calculations are presented. The role of surface energy and strain in the evolution of structure during transformation is presented. Phenomena at different size scales (atomic, nano, micro) are described relative to the evolution of structure during transformation.