Dr. Zlatko Sitar

Dr. Zlatko Sitar

PhDMaterials Science and Engineering, 1990

MSPhysics, 1987

MSPhysics, 1982

Dr. Zlatko Sitar is a Kobe Steel Distinguished Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at NCSU. His research is concerned with bulk and thin film growth, characterization and device development in wide bandgap semiconductors: GaN, AlN, and diamond. He has pioneered the nitride MBE process through the design of a unique ECR plasma source (later commercialized by Astex, Inc.). Developed, patented, and commercialized a process for growth of AlN crystals, which is currently the only commercial high-quality AlN crystal growth process in the world. Developed, patented, and commercialized polishing and device layer growth processes on AlN wafers, which is the basis for high-efficiency deep-UV lasers and light emitting diodes. Based on his research, he founded HexaTech, an NCSU spin-out focusing on III-nitride technology, which currently employs 25 researchers and business professionals. He was awarded the Alcoa Foundation Distinguished Engineering Research Award and the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company Award for Excellence in Teaching, Research, and Extension.

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