Mitchell Haller

PhD,Materials Science and Engineering

BS,Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Mitchell Haller earned his MS in ’67 from NC State in Materials Science and Engineering and
Metallurgical Engineering. He earned his PhD in ’71 in Materials Science and Engineering from NC State.

Dr. Haller developed Biobond C&B, the first non-precious crown and bridge alloy introduced to the
dental market. It was co-patented with Dr. Charles Richard Manning (Dental Alloy Patent #3,914,867).
This widely used alloy was marketed by Dentsply International, Inc.

Dr. Haller developed a non-precious alloy for producing school class rings in the mid 1970’s, (A time
when gold prices soared). The alloy was patented and sold extensively to all the leading school ring

Dr. Haller developed a brazed friction grip dental bur that has been widely acclaimed and was awarded
two patents (Robotic Dental Tool and Method of Manufacture – Patent # 8337204-2012 and Patent #
8870571-2014). His company manufactured the burs until 2015. At that time the manufacturing rights
were licensed to Brasseler USA. The burs are now being manufactured exclusively under license by
Brasseler USA and being marketed under the trade names Durabraze and also Cleancut (sold by Henry
Schien, Inc.). The burs were awarded the “Best New Product” by Clinical Research Associates – a
prominent independent dental research organization and was declared the “Fastest cutting diamond
instrument” in independent testing performed by Reality magazine – a renowned dental product
evaluation and publication firm. Brasseler USA presently sells in excess of 75,000 instruments per year.

Additional accomplishments include:

  • Conducted a number of plant tours demonstrating Bur manufacturing to local cub scouts and
    boy scouts
  • Presently managing member of Spectrum Systems, LLC
  • Program Chair of the Mechanical Engineering Technology Program at Penn State Harrisburg –
    acted as advisor for several hundred students over the years and also directed numerous senior
    research projects
  • Founded Spectrum Alloys, Inc in 1981
    Co-founded Spectrum Systems, LLC in 2004 with James T. Lowder and Alan R. Lipp
  • Presently serving on the executive committee of the local ASM Chapter. Have held that position
    for at least ten years. Was guest speaker at a number of monthly chapter meetings.

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