Lisa Porter

PhD,Materials Science and Engineering

BS,Materials Science and Engineering

Lisa Porter is Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University in
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She received her B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in materials science
engineering from Cornell University and N.C. State University, respectively. Her research,
which initially focused on metal contacts and oxide-SiC interfaces for high-temperature and
high-power device applications, broadened to include fabrication, processing, and
characterization of a wide range of electronic materials (e.g., transparent electrodes and organic
semiconductors), with recent focus on gallium oxide as a promising new wide bandgap

In 2011 she co-founded SenSevere LLC, a Carnegie Mellon spin-off that is
commercializing semiconductor-based chemical sensors for severe environments. Lisa holds
leadership positions in a number of professional organizations. She is President of the American
Vacuum Society (AVS), an international research society pertaining to the Science &
Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing; she previously served many roles within
AVS, including Program Chair of the AVS 63 rd International Symposium and Chair of the
Electronic Materials and Photonics Division.

Outside of AVS she completed two terms on the User Executive Committee for the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) at the
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) while also serving as Faculty Chair of the
College of Engineering at Carnegie Mellon. She currently serves as Secretary of the Electronic
Materials Conference and is also an ABET Program Evaluator for materials engineering

Some of her awards include an NSF Career Award, a Swedish Research Foundation
Professor Award, Women in Materials Award, and CMU’s Philbrook Prize in Engineering. Her
work has been recognized through more than 50 invited presentations and will be featured in her
Plenary Talk at the Taiwan Association for Coatings and Technology Annual Meeting in Taipei,
Taiwan in October.

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