Gleb Yushin

Prof. Gleb Yushin PhD, Materials Science and Engineering, 2003

Gleb Yushin is a Professor in the School of Materials & Engineering at the Georgia Institute of
Technology, Chief Technology Officer (CTO), and a Member of the Board of Directors at Sila
Nanotechnologies, Inc., an engineered materials company he co-founded in 2011 to
dramatically improve energy storage technologies (now employing over a hundred engineers,
scientists and other specialists) and an Editor-in-Chief for Materials Today, the flagship journal
of the Materials Today family, dedicated to covering the most innovative, cutting edge and
influential work of broad interest to the materials science community. Dr. Yushin received a
Ph.D. degree in Materials Science from North Carolina State University in 2003.

Since graduation, Dr. Yushin has focused his research efforts on the synthesis and characterization of
nanostructured and nanocomposite materials for energy-related applications. For his
contributions to this field he received numerous awards and recognitions, including NASA
Nanotech Briefs ® Nano 50™ Award, Petroleum Research Fund Young Investigator Award,
Honda Initiation Award, Air Force Office of Scientific Research Young Investigator Program
The award, R&D 100 Award, National Science Foundation CAREER Award, NASA Inventions and
Contributions Board Tech Brief Award, Kavli Fellow Award, Sigma Xi Best Faculty Paper
The award, among others. Most recently, he was selected by the New York Academy of Sciences as
the Finalist and Honoree of the prestigious Blavatnik Award for Young Scientists (2017 and
2018), was recognized as one of the leading and most cited researchers in the sciences from around
the world by Clarivate Analytics and was distinguished as one of the 20 members of
Electrochemical Society (out of 8,000+) with the “World’s Most Influential Scientific Minds.”

Dr. Yushin has co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications, over 40 US and International
Patents and Patent applications and over 120 invited & keynote presentations and seminars. His current H-index is 68 and his work has received over 20,000 citations according to Google
Scholar. The current research activities of his laboratory are focused on synthesis and
characterization of nanostructured and nanocomposite materials for use in
advanced lithium-ion, aqueous and solid-state batteries, supercapacitors, and lightweight
structural materials and composites.

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