Bennie Ward

Bennie WardBS, Metallurical Engineering, 1959

Bennie Ward graduated from Dr. Austin’s group in 1959 with a B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering. He was then employed by Reynolds Metals in Richmond, Virginia. He gravitated to the job of Supervisor of the Pilot Equipment Lab for Reynolds Research, where he could do everything Reynolds’ plants could do except extrude. Bennie has 20 Metallurgical patents, but his 20th is the most rewarding, U.S.P. 5,725,695, Method of Making Aluminum and Product there from. Reynolds had been making Reynolds Wrap since 1947 by ingot casting using another alloy. The problems that arose were the reroll and final anneal had to be higher than normal because the constituent size of the twin roller cast strip was too small and would not cause key dislocations to recrystallize at normal annealing temperatures. His patent of alloy 8111 overcame these problems and produces a foil that is soft (very good elongation) and tough. With his patent. Reynolds and the company that bought the foil division had 17 years of protection to make Reynolds Wrap from alloy 8111. To Bennie’s knowledge that company is still making the same product.View other Hall of Fame Inductees