Olga A. Shenderova

Materials Science and Engineering Department

North Carolina State University

Raleigh, NC 27695-7907

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Fax: (919)515-7724 e-mail: olga@peter.mte.ncsu.edu




Ph.D., Materials Science/Solid State Physics
St.Petersburg State Technical University, St.Petersburg, Russia

M.S., Metal Physics and Physical Metallurgy
St.Petersburg State Technical University, St.Petersburg, Russia



Materials Science and Engineering Department
North Carolina State University
Doctoral Research Associate

calculated atomic-scale structures and mechanical properties of grain boundaries and triple junctions in polycrystalline diamond films; studied stress evolution and a crack propagation in polycrystalline diamond via large-scale calculations; developed a model of two-phase grain boundaries; developed a multiscale modeling approach for calculating grain boundary energies from first principles.

simulated nanoindentation of gold and amorphous-carbon thin films; studied mechanical properties of nanotubule fibers and composites; simulated a hydrogen abstraction tool for nanotechnology; modeled ion-beam damage of polymer surfaces; calculated stresses in nanodevices; simulated nanometer-scale metal-semiconductor junctions within fulleren tubules.

Metallurgical Department
St.Petersburg State Technical University
Faculty and Research Associate

taught undergraduate and graduate courses in metallurgical and physical disciplines; designed educational software implemented in the courses;

studied alloy solidification processes, developed a model of nonmetallic inclusions formation during solidification of steels and their influence on the mechanical properties of the alloys. The software package created as a result of these studies is being used in Russian metallurgical industry for optimizing alloy composition and manufacturing technology.

Professional .

International Scientific Advisory Committee of the International Workshop on New Approaches to Hi-Tech Materials, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 9-12, 1997, June, 1998

Member of American Physical Society (March 97 - present)

Member of Materials Research Society (April 96 - present)

Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science(September 97 - present)


1987 - diploma cum laude (MS Degree)

1986 - award for the best student's work in Solid State Physics from Institute Prize Foundation
Presentations & Publications

24 Publications, 40 Presentations( 10 invited, including Gordon Research Conference, 1998)
Many-time winner of St.-Petersburg Track-and-Field Championship (Short Track)