2021 eGames Daugherty Endowment Award Winner – Aram Amassian

Congratulations to Bay Nano Technologies, winner of the 2021 eGames Daugherty Endowment Award 3rd place prize! The startup, led by Prof. Aram Amassian, created nano-crystal ink technology that can be applied to glass to make it automatically tint to save electricity. NC State’s eGames ranks in the Top 20 University Entrepreneurship Competitions and saw 41 entrants in this year’s 12th annual competition. The Daugherty endowment track, in which Prof. Amassian’s group competed, awards prizes to ventures which have licensed IP developed at NC State. The award of $10,000 is made possible by the Richard L. and Marlene V. Daugherty Centennial Campus Entrepreneurialism Endowment and the Kenan Institute for Engineering Technology & Science, in collaboration with the NC State Office of Partnerships and Office of Research Commercialization.

For more information on the company and award, please visit:
http://bay-nano.com/ and https://entrepreneurship.ncsu.edu/events/egames/#Daugherty