RTNN Offers Unprecedented Access to Nanotechnology Facilities

Nanotechnology (the manipulation of materials and their properties at the atomic level), is becoming more important to society every day. “Nanotech” has made it’s way into many macroscale products we use constantly, altering industry, information technology, and medicine in incredible ways. It’s future applications and impact means that research and development in this field will be evermore important.

The Research Triangle Nanotechnology Network (RTNN) is making things easier for industry members and researchers to collaborate on ideas and gain access to facilities and equipment required for researching materials at this “invisible” scale.  The network is a partnership between three universities within the Research Triangle in North Carolina: UNC-Chapel Hill, Duke, and NC State. Together, along with the National Science Foundation, their goal is to promote knowledge for, provide resources for, and learn from anyone in the field. The Research Triangle is home to a wide array of start-up companies,  industries,  and research-related companies, many of which currently need or will need the ability to investigate problems regarding materials at the nanoscale. They also offer courses, workshops, and other educational materials for those interested or involved in the field.

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