Materials Camp Started Last Week!

As Summer starts to ramp up, high school students from around the area are attending the Department of Materials Science and Engineering's annual Materials Camp.  The MSE Materials Camp is a week long workshop that gives rising high school juniors and seniors a first glimpse at what it means to be a Materials Researcher.  Several events during the camp have come to 'brand' the students' experience while here on campus.  One of the highest covered events during the entire camp has been the MSE Putty Drop, where a 50+ pound ball of Silly Putty is hurled off the D.H. Hill Library's roof onto the Brickyard.  The reason for dropping 50 pounds of Silly Putty off a tall building (other than simply being amazing) is to teach students the role chemical bonds play on a molecular level to determine the structure and ductile properties of a material.  Other events during the camp include the Joe Fahmy Show, MSE Jeopardy, and Nano Icecream ( just to name a few ). 

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