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The publications on this page are generated nightly from the NCSU Library's Scholarly Publications Repository. This repository is by no means a fully comprehensive listing of publications. Publications can be added to the repository manually by visiting the Publications Repository Submission Form.

Title Journal Year
Modeling irradiation creep of graphite using rate theory Journal of Nuclear Materials, 473, 197-205. Sarkar, A., Eapen, J., Raj, A., Murty, K. L., & Burchell, T. D. 2016
The role of grain size on neutron irradiation response of nanocrystalline copper Materials, 9(3). Mohamed, W., Miller, B., Porter, D., & Murty, K. 2016
Grain boundary sliding mechanism during high temperature deformation of AZ31 Magnesium alloy Materials Science & Engineering. A, Structural Materials: Properties, Microstructure and Processing, 669, 171-177. Roodposhti, P. S., Sarkar, A., Murty, K. L., Brody, H., & Scattergood, R. 2016
High performance as-grown and annealed high band gap tunnel junctions: Te behavior at the interface Applied Physics Letters, 108(20). Bedair, S. M., Harmon, J. L., Carlin, C. Z., Sayed, I. E. H., & Colter, P. C. 2016
Strain-balanced InGaAsP/GaInP multiple quantum well solar cells with a tunable bandgap (1.65-1.82 eV) IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 6(4), 997-1003. Sayed, I. E. H., Carlin, C. Z., Hagar, B. G., Colter, P. C., & Bedair, S. M. 2016
Theoretical assessment of bonaccordite formation in pressurized water reactors Journal of Nuclear Materials, 474, 62-64. Rak, Z., O'Brien, C. J., Shin, D., Andersson, A. D., Stanek, C. R., & Brenner, D. W. 2016
Effect of a weak DC electric field on the grain size distribution in isothermally-annealed yttria-stabilized zirconia (3Y-TZP) Ceramics International, 42(1), 2091-2093. Wang, J., Du, A., & Conrad, H. 2016
Structure and magnetic properties of a multi-principal element Ni-Fe-Cr-Co-Zn-Mn alloy Intermetallics, 68, 107-112. Zaddach, A. J., Niu, C., Oni, A. A., Fan, M., LeBeau, J. M., Irving, D. L., & Koch, C. C. 2016
Effect of nano-oxide particle size on radiation resistance of iron-chromium alloys Journal of Nuclear Materials, 469, 72-81. Xu, W. Z., Li, L. L., Valdez, J. A., Saber, M., Zhu, Y. T., Koch, C. C., & Scattergood, R. O. 2016
First principles exploration of near-equiatomic NiFeCrCo high entropy alloys Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 672, 510-520. Niu, C., Zaddach, A. J., Koch, C. C., & Irving, D. L. 2016
Algorithms for design optimization of chemistry of hard magnetic alloys using experimental data Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 682, 454-467. Jha, R., Dulikravich, G. S., Chakraborti, N., Fan, M., Schwartz, J., Koch, C. C., Colaco, M. J., Poloni, C., & Egorov, I. N. 2016
On the formation and evolution of Cu-Ni-rich bridges of alnico alloys with thermomagnetic treatment IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 52(8). Fan, M., Liu, Y., Jha, R., Dulikravich, G. S., Schwartz, J., & Koch, C. C. 2016
Catalytic deoxygenation of octanoic acid over silica- and carbon-supported palladium: Support effects and reaction pathways Catalysis Today, 269, 93-102. Sun, K. Y., Schulz, T. C., Thompson, S. T., & Lamb, H. H. 2016
Surface kinetics in AlN growth: A universal model for the control of surface morphology in III-nitrides Journal of Crystal Growth, 438, 81-89. Bryan, I., Bryan, Z., Mita, S., Rice, A., Tweedie, J., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Selective area epitaxy of magnesium oxide thin films on gallium nitride surfaces Journal of Materials Research, 31(1), 36-45. Losego, M. D., Paisley, E. A., Craft, H. S., Lam, P. G., Sachet, E., Mita, S., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Maria, J. P. 2016
Polarity control in group-III nitrides beyond pragmatism Physical Review Applied, 5(5). Mohn, S., Stolyarchuk, N., Markurt, T., Kirste, R., Hoffmann, M. P., Collazo, R., Courville, A., Di Felice, R., Sitar, Z., Vennegues, P., & Albrecht, M. 2016
Influence of high-temperature processing on the surface properties of bulk AlN substrates Journal of Crystal Growth, 446, 33-38. Tojo, S., Yamamoto, R., Tanaka, R., Thieu, Q. T., Togashi, R., Nagashima, T., Kinoshita, T., Dalmau, R., Schlesser, R., Murakami, H., Collazo, R., Koukitu, A., Monemar, B., Sitar, Z., & Kumagai, Y. 2016
UV second harmonic generation in AlN waveguides with modal phase matching Optical Materials Express, 6(6), 2014-2023. Troha, T., Rigler, M., Alden, D., Bryan, I., Guo, W., Kirste, R., Mita, S., Gerhold, M. D., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., & Zgonik, M. 2016
Very slow decay of a defect related emission band at 2.4 eV in AlN: Signatures of the Si related shallow DX state Journal of Applied Physics, 119(15). Lamprecht, M., Grund, C., Neuschl, B., Thonke, K., Bryan, Z., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
High temperature and low pressure chemical vapor deposition of silicon nitride on AlGaN: Band offsets and passivation studies Journal of Applied Physics, 119(14). Reddy, P., Washiyama, S., Kaess, F., Breckenridge, M. H., Hernandez-Balderrama, L. H., Haidet, B. B., Alden, D., Franke, A., Sarkar, B., Kohn, E., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Fabrication and structural properties of AlN submicron periodic lateral polar structures and waveguides for UV-C applications Applied Physics Letters, 108(26). Alden, D., Guo, W., Kirste, R., Kaess, F., Bryan, I., Troha, T., Bagal, A., Reddy, P., Hernandez-Balderrama, L. H., Franke, A., Mita, S., Chang, C. H., Hoffmann, A., Zgonik, M., Collazo, R., & Sitar, Z. 2016
Atomically thin MoS2 narrowband and broadband light superabsorbers ACS Nano, 10(8), 7493-7499. Huang, L. J., Li, G. Q., Gurarslan, A., Yu, Y. L., Kirste, R., Guo, W., Zhao, J. J., Collazo, R., Sitar, Z., Parsons, G. N., Kudenov, M., & Cao, L. Y. 2016
Multipurpose polymeric coating for functionalizing inert polymer surfaces ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 8(8), 5694-5705. Ozcam, A. E., Efimenko, K., Spontak, R. J., Fischer, D. A., & Genzer, J. 2016
A solvent-vapor approach toward the control of block lonomer morphologies Macromolecules, 49(8), 3126-3137. Mineart, K. P., Lee, B., & Spontak, R. J. 2016
Microfibres and macroscopic films from the coordination-driven hierarchical self-assembly of cylindrical micelles Nature Communications, 7. Lunn, D. J., Gould, O. E. C., Whittell, G. R., Armstrong, D. P., Mineart, K. P., Winnik, M. A., Spontak, R. J., Pringle, P. G., & Manners, I. 2016

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