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Titan microscope

Caption: Probe corrected FEI Titan 60-300 kV at NCSU.

As scaling continues to be a major drive of research, future developments rely upon electron microscopy to probe the nature of material properties. In the nano-regime, one must explore local atomic structure, chemical composition, and bonding with ultimate spatial resolution. Now that aberration corrected microscopes have blown past the Ångström in resolution, a new level of clarity is available for exploring next-generation materials.

Research Interests

  • Application of aberration-corrected electron microscopy
  • Understanding material properties from the atomic structure
  • Reconstruction at the interface between dissimilar materials
  • Quantitative atomic resolution microscopy imaging and diffraction
  • Three dimensional imaging of materials
  • Image processing and analysis techniques

Group News >>

  • Apr. 14, 2014 Congratulations to group member Xiahan Sang on winning a M&M Postdoctoral Scholar Award to attend this year's meeting! Look for his talk, "Putting a new spin on scanning transmission electron microscopy".
  • Apr. 1, 2014 Congratulations to group members Everett Grimley and Houston Dycus on winning NSF Graduate Research Fellowships!
  • Jan. 30, 2014 LeBeau wins NSF CAREER Award
  • Jan. 27, 2014 LeBeau wins Air Force Office of Science Research Young Investigator award
  • Press Release: New Microscopy Technique Improves Imaging at the Atomic Scale

Group Openings >>

The successful candidate (graduate student or postdoc) will be responsible for the development of scanning transmission electron microscopy techniques in conjunction with studying interfaces, nanoparticles/nanocomposites, and device structures. The candidate will focus on quantitative electron microscopy, determination of heterogeneous interface structures, and exploring chemistry with spectroscopic techniques. Applicants should have demonstrated expertise in problem solving in materials science using a wide range of transmission electron microscopy techniques.

NCSU has recently acquired an aberration corrected microscope for ultra-high resolution STEM imaging and chemical analysis. Other equipment includes a JEOL 2010 STEM/TEM, several conventional TEMs, and a FIB.

Recent Publications >>

  1. A. A. Oni, X. Sang, S. V. Raju, S. Dumpala, S. Broderick, A. Kumar, S. Sinnott, S. Saxena, K. Rajan, and J. M. LeBeauLarge area strain analysis using scanning transmission electron microscopy across multiple imagesApplied Physics Letters106:011601  (2015)
  2. X. Sang, A. A. Oni, and J. M. LeBeauAtom Column Indexing: Atomic Resolution Image Analysis Through a Matrix RepresentationMicroscopy and Microanalysis20:1764--1771  (2014)
  3. X. Sang, E. D. Grimley, C. Niu, D. L. Irving, and J. M. LeBeauDirect observation of charge mediated lattice distortions in complex oxide solid solutionsarXivarXiv:1409.4432  (2014)
  4. A. A. Oni, D. Hook, J. P. Maria, and J. M. LeBeauPhase coexistence in Ti6Sn5 intermetallicsIntermetallics51:48-52  (2014)
  5. E. A. Paisley, B. E. Gaddy, J. M. LeBeau, C. T. Shelton, M. D. Biegalski, H. M. Christen, M. D. Losego, S. Mita, R. Collazo, Z. Sitar, D. L. Irving, and J.-P. MariaSmooth cubic commensurate oxides on gallium nitrideJournal of Applied Physics115:064101  (2014)
  6. X. Sang and J. M. LebeauRevolving scanning transmission electron microscopy: Correcting sample drift distortion without prior knowledgeUltramicroscopy138:28-35  (2014)
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