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MSE 704  Fall 2012
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    • Test 1 : TakeHome Due 10/3/2012, 9:20AM
    • Test 2 : TakeHome Due 11/14/2012, 9:20AM
    • Test 3 :
  • Student Seminars - discuss (1) basic physical phenomena behind the device or effect, (2) performance and limitations, and (3) common applications. Presentations should be 10-12 minutes long, 6-8 slides in ppt format.

Set 1: Electronics -Seminar dates: , November 26 & 28, 8:05 AM, EB1 2005; All presentations in this set are due by November 23, 5PM to rkirste@ncsu.edu and sitar@ncsu.edu

    • Si doping technology: diffusion and implantation (Possible dopants (n/p-doping), Technology, Possible damage to the crystal, Limitations) – Cabral
    • Thermistors (Device structure, Temperature dependent resistivity, Different thermistor types and operation modes, Applications) – Li
    • Hall effect (Physics background, Experimental setup, Hall constant, Limitations) – Medford
    • Metal-semiconductor contacts (Work function and Fermi level, Schottky and ohmic contacts, Barrier heights for electrons and holes, XPS) – Monroe
    • Schottky diode (Structure and band diagram, I-V curves, Metals and semiconductors, On-resistance and breakdown voltage, Baliga’s figure of merit, Application) – Liu
    • Solar cells (Si-based solar cells, Band diagram, Current voltage characteristic with and without illumination, Short circuit current and open circuit voltage, maximum power, Shockley–Queisser limit) – Nelson
    • Bipolar junction transistor (Structure, NPN, PNP transistor, Heterojunction bipolar transistor, Operation mode, Applications) – Rounds
    • Field effect transistor (Structure of a FET, Gate, Source, Drain, MOSFET, MEAFET, HEMT, Band diagram & I-V-curve, Applications) – Washiyama
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