Biographical Sketch of Hans Conrad

Professor Hans Conrad

Dr. Hans Conrad, Professor Emeritus at North Carolina State University, following pre-engineering at Washington and Jefferson College from 1940 to 1942, received his B. S. in Metallurgical Engineering from Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1943 and his Master of Engineering and Doctor of Engineering degrees in Metallurgy from Yale University in 1951 and 1955, repectively. Prior to joining the faculty of North Carolina State University as Professor and Department Head in January 1981. Dr. Conrad held the position of Professor and Chairman of the Department of Metallurgical Engineering and Associate Director of the Institute for Mining and Minerals Research at the University of Kentucky (1967-81). Immediately previous to joining the University of Kentucky, Dr. Conrad was Technical Director of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of The Franklin Institute Research Laboratories (1964-67). Prior to that appointment he was associated with a number of industrial and research organizations including Aerospace Corporation (1961-64), Atomics International (1959-61), Westinghouse Research Laboratories (1955-59), Chase Brass and Copper Company (1953-55), R. Wallace and Sons Mfg. Company (1946-53), The Napier Company (1945-46), and The Aluminum Company of America (1943-45).

Dr. Conrad's experience has been in both basic and applied research. In basic research, he has worked principally in the areas of crystal structures, their defects and the effect these have on physical and mechanical properties. He has engaged in research in the general area of the mechanical behavior of materials and in the areas of electroplasticity, electromigration, electro-and-magneto-rheology, crystal growth, semiconductivity, superconductivity, laser action, cohesion and adhesion, metastable structure, ultra high vacuum, and high pressures. In applied research, he has worked in the area of metal forming, metal deformation processing, erosion, electrodeposition and metal finishing, shell mold casting, tool and die steels, machinability, and alloy development. He has authored or coauthored over 450 scientific papers on his various research activities.

Some of the honors and awards received by Dr. Conrad include: (a) University of Kentucky Research Award (1970-71), (b) Alexander von Humboldt Senior Scientist Award (1974), (c) Japan Society for Promotion of Science Visiting Professor Award (1984), (d) Fellow ASM (1977),(e) Distinguished Visiting Professor, Soviet Academy of Sciences (1984), (f) NCSU Alcoa Research Award (1985), (g) Distinguished Visiting Professor, P.R. China (1989), (h) NCSU Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award (1991),(i) TMS Honoring symposium (1994), and (j) TMS 2000 Structural Materials Division Distinguished Materials Scientist Award (2000) and (k) Fellow TMS(2003).